Because the path to business success is not one you take alone

Well, hey there, savvy business owner!

Congrats on your new business venture!
What? You haven’t started yet? Or you aren’t sure if you’ve started off on the right foot? You’re not alone! Most new entrepreneurs and small business owners feel a bit lost and confused.
But you don’t need to feel that way any longer. Because the path to success is not one you take alone. At Law Integral, guiding you toward success is my only focus.

Trademarks 101 - An Introductory Guide to Intellectual Property and Brand Protection

Not just another law firm, Law Integral is a valuable resource with a mission to empower you to realize your business goals.

Michelle Sprague, Your Business Lawyer Now & for the Future

Lots of law firms and discount legal service websites will offer to file your trademark application for one very low price. But the trademark registration process extends far beyond just filing a trademark application.

You’ve likely discovered that starting your own business takes determination and vision. And growing that business requires perseverance and commitment. But, more than anything else, running a business takes planning and knowledge.

What I Do—Business Made Easy

Balancing big-picture objectives with your day-to-day operation can be overwhelming and time consuming. I’m here to make it easier for you to do business the right way, minimizing risk while giving you the tools to grow.

With a host of personal services, automated processes, online tools and more, I will help get your business started on the right path, and once it’s launched, help you stay on track.

Starting Your Business—Making it Thrive

Millions of new businesses launch in the US every year. Sadly, Forbes magazine reports that 90% of those businesses fail. But what about the 10% that succeed? What are they doing differently?
At Law Integral, I know what it takes to not only launch your business , but to make it thrive. I’ll help you navigate your way through the complexities of business structure, business development, insurance, licensing, regulation compliance, contracts, and more.
Starting a new business doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ll work with you to clear away the confusion, leaving you to do what you do best.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property—Trademarks for the Win

Your brand and brand reputation are critical to building awareness and credibility in the marketplace. That’s why protecting your distinctive logo, tagline, package design, product name, or other intellectual property through the trademark process is crucial. But the process is not an easy one.
As a business attorney, I’ve helped steer many companies through the maze of trademark application.  I can help you find your way, too.

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When you need a business lawyer to help you understand your options, make the right next step to set you up for success, and generally be supportive throughout the life of your business, I hope you’ll reach out to me. I really do want to see your business thrive!