Brand Bombshell

An all-inclusive trademark registration package to take your brand from blah to bomb.

What is Brand Bombshell?

Brand Bombshell is an all-inclusive trademark registration package. Work closely with an experienced trademark attorney to develop or refine the most important elements of your business’s brand.
Once we’ve got that part out of the way, we’ll help you navigate the trademark registration process to secure your trademark and protect your brand.

All-inclusive, but kind of exclusive.

We only work with entrepreneurs who are serious about brand recognition and protecting their intellectual property. Our clients are highly-motivated, highly-driven folks who put their sweat and blood into accomplishing their career, life, and financial goals.
There are no revenue or size requirements, and we never discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or already have an established business. All we ask is that you have an unwavering urge to do big things. (Bonus points if you like dogs!!)

Brand Bombshell Includes...

  • Branding Strategy Sessions ($500 value)
  • Trademark clearance search ($800 value)
  • Trademark application prepared and filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO filing fee for one class included*) ($600 value)
  • Respond to all Office Actions ($1600 value)
  • File Statement of Use/Requests for Extension (if applicable*) ($400 value)
  • Unlimited phone and email communications and updates regarding your trademark ($500 value)
  • Trademark guide with helpful tips and information on protecting and maintaining your registered trademark ($150 value)
  • Forward the trademark certificate to you upon registration

Total value: $4,550

Brand Bombshell price: $2,900 or six payments of $549

*additional USPTO filing fees may apply

What does “all-inclusive” mean?

It means, well…that everything is included.

I’m Michelle Sprague, and I am here to provide you with the support and guidance yo

Lots of law firms and discount legal service websites will offer to file your trademark application for one very low price. But the trademark registration process extends far beyond just filing a trademark application.

you need to succeed. I am here to get all up in your business, laying the foundation to bring your business to new heights.

It includes a comprehensive clearance search.

Many trademark services will include a “direct hit” search to make sure your trademark is available. All this means is that they’re typing your exact trademark into the US Patent and Trademark Office’s database to see if there are any identical registered trademarks. But what about trademarks that aren’t identical, but really really similar to yours? Well, guess what: those aren’t going to show up in the direct hit search. But they will prevent your trademark from being registered. And let’s assume they do find something in that search…are they going to explain what that means and how it may impact your trademark application? Probably not. Not unless you pay them more money, of course.
Brand Bombshell includes a comprehensive trademark clearance search that will find not only identical trademarks, but also the really similar ones (or even remotely similar ones) that could pose an issue for your trademark registration. We’re also going to talk to you about what we find in the clearance search, so you know exactly what to expect throughout the registration process. If we find something that is likely to prevent your trademark from being registered, we’ll do another search for your second (and even third) trademark choices. At no additional cost.

It includes responding to all Office Actions.

The vast majority of trademark applications will receive an Office Action from the USPTO. This can be anything from disclaimer requests, clarification of your goods/services, all the way up to likelihood of confusion issues. If you do not respond to the Office Action in a timely manner, you’ll forfeit the application and lose the trademark altogether. Many other services will, at best, include responding to “non-substantive” (aka easy & routine) Office Actions. And sure, they’ll help you with responding to the “substantive” (aka often complex and difficult) Office Actions…for an additional fee.
Brand Bombshell includes responding to all Office Actions, no matter how easy or complex they may be. Oh, we’re also going to talk to you about the Office Action so you understand what it means and how it will impact your trademark.

It includes helping you maintain your trademark.

Think all the work’s done after you have that trademark registration? Think again. Trademarks need to be maintained and updated periodically in order to maintain registration. It’s also important that you take proper steps to enforce your trademark rights, should the need arise.
Brand Bombshell includes a guide letting you know exactly what you need to do, when, and how to do it, to maintain your trademark registration and uphold the benefits that it provides.
Hi! I’m Michelle Sprague, and I help online businesses protect their brands and everything they’ve worked for.
As a trademark attorney, I’ve helped hundreds of clients secure their registered trademarks. In that time, I’ve come to learn that the trademark application process can be very complex. One little mistake on the application can ruin the whole thing for you, and the USPTO does not give refunds.
I work closely with my clients to make sure we’re doing everything necessary to accomplish their goals and dreams. As an entrepreneur myself, I know that your business is your everything. And I take that sh*t seriously.
I believe in empowering and supporting entrepreneurs by giving them the tools, resources, education, and help they need to accomplish their dreams and do BIG things.

Why worry about your trademarks?

Federal trademark registration is the best way to protect your brand. Just a few of the benefits that you get from a federal trademark registration include:
  • your trademark will show up on the national trademark database, notifying everybody of your claim of ownership of the trademark
  • a legal presumption of nationwide ownership of your trademark
  • exclusive rights to use your trademark in connection  with your products or services

What You’ll Get With Brand Bombshell

  • An experienced trademark attorney to explain and guide you through the trademark registration process
  • A distinctive and unique trademark to help your business and offerings stand out from the competition
  • Immediate added value to your business
  • A solid understanding of what your trademark means and why it’s so important to your business
  • A go-to attorney for all of your trademark needs
  • Exclusive rights to use your trademark in the US in connection with your registered goods and services
  • The ability to prevent your competition from using your trademark for similar goods and services
  • A plan and tools to maintain your trademark registration and enforce your trademark rights
  • More time to dedicate to your customers and growing your business

What You Won’t Get With Brand Bombshell

  • Surprise legal fees
  • Headaches trying to navigate the trademark process by yourself
  • Stress over protecting your brand
  • Nasty cease and desist letters because somebody has already claimed your trademark
  • Wasted time trying to be your own lawyer

You've worked hard to build your business and your brand. It's time to start protecting them.

Branding Strategy Sessions
Trademark clearance search
Trademark application prepared and filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office
Respond to all Office Actions
File Statement of Use/Requests for Extension
Unlimited phone and email communications and updates regarding your trademark
Trademark guide with helpful tips and information on protecting and maintaining your registered trademark
Forward the trademark certificate to you upon registration

“Michelle Sprague is all about making sure his clients are protected and stress-free. By empathizing with his clients he is able to truly help them with their legal needs along with educating them on why the legalities are important. He is very professional and readily available to help us problem solve. We are very appreciative of the work he does. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer.”

Jonny H.